Icon of Coil: Machines R Us

Icon of Coil: Machines R Us
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As one of the premier bands in the Electropop genre, Icon of Coil has come a long way in a short amount of time. Now they are set to release their third album (in as many years), “Machnies are Us,” which is poised to set dance floors ablaze!

Not one person will be left sitting once DJ’s start to spin this highly evolved release. Pummeling beats, sympathetic vocals, anthematic melodies, and sweeping synths are just a few of the reasons that no speaker is safe from Icon of Coil’s bombastic onslaught. On Metropolis.


01. Comment V.2.0
02. Remove/Replace
03. Consumer
04. Shelter
05. Mono: Overload?
06. Existence in Progress
07. Faith: Not Important
08. Transfer: Complete
09. Dead Enough for Life
10. Wiretrip
11. Android
12. Sleep:less
13. Pursuit
14. Release the Frequency/Afterwords

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